It all began in April 2005 when three friends, Jesse Goldblatt, Eric Schuer, and Rajan Dylan Nalwa, initiated the first coffee outlet called Double Vision: a business that would earn a profit as well as reach out to the travelers in beautiful Manali.

In the year 2006, although Jesse and Eric returned to their hometown, Double Vision reopened the next season and proved to be a successful business.

Jesse and Eric remained close to the vision. Eric came forward with an innovative idea to have a portrait of Bob Dylan on one of the walls of the café. This portrait was painted by 5 different travelers, and the final touch was given by an Israeli girl named Keren Shafrir.


It soon became a means of identifying the coffee house to the many travelers in Manali. It was renamed Dylanís Cafť after which the full name came to be Dylanís Toasted & Roasted Coffee House.

Due to its popularity in Manali, we were invited to open a second cafť in North Goa in 2007. The first season was a total success as a business and for the many travelers gathering to share their experiences. It was also recognized by Lonely Planet (The Travelerís Bible), Rough Guide, NDTV, and the Israeli website, Lamateal,, as well as several other websites designed by travelers.

The outlet had its first business season in North Goa in the year 2007 and the popularity of the place increased as a meeting place among the travelers. The project got a major recognition by the Lonely Planet (The Travelers Bible) NDTV and the Israeli website Lamateal and several other websites designed by the travelers.

In 2007, Dylanís established an independent outlet at Arambol Beach in North Goa. We are located just 5 minutes walking distance from the beach. We are now located just 5 minutes walk able distance from the main beach at Arambol.

Today, Dylanís is known for its specialty coffees, Munchies (infamous cookies), snacks and entertainment, which includes traveling artists from around the world. Our cafes in Manali and Goa rely mostly on word of mouth promotion, and we pride ourselves in our customer service and quality drinks, food, and entertainment.

We provide free travel information about all of India and organize tours including transportation, lodging, and medical services at reasonable prices around our locations. In the future we hope to preserve our quality services at our dream locations in Leh, Humpi,Dharmshala,Darjiling and Andaman Islands. We thank you for your continued support, love, and participation.


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